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Borough of Butler Property Reassessment  
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Borough of Butler Property Reassessment

Borough of Butler has been ordered by the Morris County Tax Board to reassess all of the properties in Butler for the 2022 tax year.  This will involve an inspection of all properties in the Borough for the year of 2021. The Borough has hired a vendor, Associated Appraisal Group of Cranford, NJ to assist with the inspections. Inspections will begin Friday, April 2nd, 2021 and will continue for several months. Associated Appraisal Group has mailed letters to all borough property owners announcing the reassessment and introducing the process of inspection of properties. Both exterior and interior inspection will be done and Inspectors will be walking throughout the Borough measuring the exterior of structures.

All inspectors will display company identification and will be carrying a tablet device. (Similar to a tablet)
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The reassessment progress, correspondence, and the locations of the inspectors can be monitored at:

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing concerns some residents may have concerns about inspectors being inside their homes. As a potential substitute for an in-person interior inspection, Associated Appraisal Group is offering residents an optional "virtual inspection”. The virtual inspection is a process where the inspectors will connect with residents via an online service (Zoom, Teams, Facetime, etc.) to allow them to describe or "see" the interior over a video link. Inspection cards will be left at properties with instructions on how to reach the inspectors for this type of connection or for a follow up in-person visits.  If a resident does not have the ability to access these virtual services, Associated Appraisal Group will attempt to make accommodations for them.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation during these inspections.

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